Underground survey equipment – PVC Pipe locators and metal detectors 



Utilizing technology that was developed for lunar exploration, the AML Pro – PVC Pipe Detector will locate subsurface materials indiscriminately – plastic, metal, wood, cable or pipe. Unlike the deficiencies of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), the AML will work in clay, wet soil, snow or even standing water. Redesigned specifically for the utility, water, gas and cable industries, the AML allows professionals to locate objects faster, while maximizing job efficiency.


Using advanced circuit board technology, powerful 2.45 GHz ground-penetrating, UHF radio waves locate PVC pipes with ease. Man-made objects with a straight edge create a change in density or permeability from surrounding materials, which causes refracted radio waves to be detected by the AML. Highly sensitive dual left and right receivers intercept frequency refractions set off by the edges of buried PVC pipes.