About us



Amerasian Private Limited is well diversified global provider of Capital Goods for infrastructure Development and Construction. We partner with leading international Manufactures and turnkey solution providers   and have gained international recognition for the projects which have been carried out by our team of energetic and purpose-oriented professionals. Our capabilities distinguish us from our competitors in the diverse business arena, and as an independent system integrator. Our business is focused around strong business units within the company.

Established in 1996 in Sri Lanka, Amerasian (Pvt) Ltd has since then gained major presence as a supplier for major Projects to both government and private sector clients in the nation. Moreover, through our continuously expanding portfolio of services, we strive to bring the most technologically advanced solutions to our customers.





           “To be the market leader in every product category we represent.”


           “To be the most efficient market player in the industry we represent though increasing our productivity, sales and profitability through teamwork, commitment and dedication, while ensuring the overall well-being of staff.”