Mobile Mapping Systems


Mobile mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data from a mobile vehicle (plane, car, train, boat,etc.), typically fitted with a range of photographic, radar, laser, LiDAR or any number of remote sensing systems.


The Alpha3D combines state-of-the-art high-performance hardware, such as long range, ultra-high speed, precise laser scanner, high-resolution HDR panoramic camera in combination with advanced GNSS receiver and high precision IMU, in one instrument with light weight and compact but in same time rugged design.

AlphaUni 300/900/1300

AlphaUni 300/900/1300, belonging to our Alpha Mobile Mapping series, are high-end multi-platform LiDAR systems that have been designed and improved by CHCNAV based on many years of research and data capture experience.

AlphaUni series is a fully integrated system with a high-precision laser scanner featuring Riegl’s unique Waveform-LiDAR technology and a high-accuracy inertial navigation system, ready for demanding surveying mission in the air and on the ground, requiring the highest data quality. The AlphaUni series fulfils our goal to provide the most innovative solution to professionals in the geospatial sector and help them to save time, reduce costs and complete their projects more easily.